Question about Broad Form Car Insurance -- Viking Ins.?

Question about Broad Form Car Insurance -- Viking Ins.?

My mom has broad form insurance with Viking, and she wants me to drive her car during a move to another county.Doesn'-t her car insurance only cover HER as a driver, not other people driving her car?I have car insurance on my own and my daughter'-s vehicle. They said other licensed drivers can be covered while driving my car. But this doesn'-t cover me to drive someone else'-s car, because I don'-t have broad form.Do I have this info correct?Thanks~


Dweeness,I'm an insurance adjustor for a major company.Good news/ Bad news...The good news, is virtually all auto insurance policies (written in broad-form or otherwise) cover an unlisted driver driving the car, so long as the listed driver acknowledges he gave the unlisted driver permission.So if your mother gives you permission to drive her car, and you have a license, you are golden...if you wreck the car, or damage another car, her policy will cover you as if it was her driving.HOWEVER, here's your concern......most insurance policies ALSO have an exclusion for driving the car more than "x" number of miles across the border of the United States (on many policies, it's 30 miles, so people can travel to border tourist sites like Niagra Falls and Tiajuana without concern)...but if you're going deeper into Canada/Mexico than 30 miles, or if you're going overseas and ferrying the car, odds are your policy has an exclusion somewhere in the fine print about it.Contact your mom's Viking agent, whose job it is to know the answer to such concerns, and as two simply worded questions so he knows exactly what you're asking him...#1- "If my mom lets me drive her car and I'm in an accident, is everything covered as it would be if she was driving?"#2- "Does my mom's car have coverage if I drive it outside the USA, and if so, how far outside the USA?"...hope that helps.



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