Plan to switch from Liberty Mutual to Amica - Auto Insurance - Need Help?

Plan to switch from Liberty Mutual to Amica - Auto Insurance - Need Help?

Presently I pay $109 to Liberty Mutual per month towards my car insurance. I have 2002 Nissan Sentra 83 K miles. I have taken 100/300, 50K property damage and 500 for collision and comprehensive. Also Roadside assistance and car rental $30/$900. Feel bad that I pay a lot for this old car.Just got an online quote from Amica. They quote me $90 per month for the same configuration which I presently have. Is Amica reliable auto insurance provider with respective to claims?Does Amica Auto Insurance cover insurer'-s rental vehicle (car rented from Enterprise, hertz)? I could not find this information from their website.Any suggestions/ help welcome. Thank you


They are both good companies. You can cancel anytime you want to cancel without problems or financial loss. You do not need to let your present policy expire before you switch. There is no good reason to do that. Be careful of people giving you advice who haven't a clue as to what they are talking about. Any questions can best be answered by your present insurance company and by your prospective insurance company. Communicate with them.


In the USA, All insurance companies are decent. If they were not, they wouldn't be issued a license to sell insurance. You can check any insurance company specific satisfaction ratings on either A.M. Best, or J.D. Powers websites. You will have to ask Amica if they provide a rental.Despite what others have said here, There are no penalties and no problems and no reason you cannot cancel when you want to cancel.Tip: It is ALWAYS more expensive to pay for insurance monthly compared to semi-annually or annually. People who pay monthly are being "penny wise and pound foolish".


be careful about getting quotes off the internet , often times it may change at a later date. Personally you can probably call the local yellow pages and ask agents local to you for a better quote. I suggest if your insurance is paid up that you just let it run its course, anything you do to change in the middle of a policy ,may likely end up with excessive fees, and mistakes and excuses that eat up any savings you think you will get back, insurance companies do not like giving money back. I would set it up for the day the policy ends, and contact your insurance company at that time and cancel. They will want to know what company you are going with because they send letters to the motor vehicles now when you leave .



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