Paid for an auto body shop who did bad work on my car. What should I do?

Paid for an auto body shop who did bad work on my car. What should I do?

I paid an auto body shop to fix my roof because it had a dent. This was an insurance claim. My insurance deposited the money in my checking account. So when the work is completed I can just write the shop a personal check. I live in Texas. So around 6:30PM it'-s already dark. When I picked my car up, everything looked perfect. When I looked at my car during the day time the very next day, I see circles all around where they painted. Unfortunately I paid them by check yesterday. If the merchant is not willing to fix my car, should I place a stop payment on my check?


yes but it will end up in court


Go back to the shop & express your dis-satisfaction & showing the flaws. Most reputable business will take care of the problem & make you satisfied. They want business recommendations & most places tend to believe as I did when I ran my roofing business in California & that is word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. A happy customer will gladly recommend a business to family & friends & it goes the same way from an unhappy customer who will tell family & friends to avoid a place.


Some of the fillers and paints used in the repair may shrink and settle very slightly over a short time.When this happens the new finish needs to be buffed again after it is totally hardened.This is probably the case and the shop would certainly recognize and correct it.


Take it bad, if they won't make it right, go to better business bureau.



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