On an insurance claim that I am partially at fault, is it better to turn in all of the estimates & med bills?

On an insurance claim that I am partially at fault, is it better to turn in all of the estimates & med bills?

I was in an automobile accident. Both parties were at fault. Insurance companies handling most of it, they'-re still debating percentages. Should I turn in all estimates on the car &- all medical bills. Or should I just let my medical Ins cover the DR &- hospital?


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actually ur medical should pay balance the auto ins dosent pay providing you have alllready meet your deductible


Hiya:Always turn everything in. Why?1.If you have medical payment (usually called MedPay) on your auto insurance policy - it doesn't matter who is at fault. That is a first party coverage you are entitled to (if you pay for it).2.When it comes to a BODILY INJURY claim....Depending on the negligence jurisdiction of the state you are in.....and the percentage of fault you are assessed - you may or may not be able to claim any of your expenses.What you are not able to claim...or have covered under your medpay coverage (if applicable) you can THEN present under your health care coverage.IF you are entitled to some coverage anywhere else (Medpay or BI) your health care carrier will be entitled to RECOVERY from the at fault carrier. If you don't tell them and they find out (by reading your medical notes) - they will send you a recovery (or subrogation) letter to get the information on the at fault carrier.Now - if you submitted everything like I said above - you will have documentation from the insurance companies about what is and is not covered. You can provide that information to your health care carrier. If you've EXHAUSTED coverage available under the MedPay (subject to specific limits) and/or BI coverage - your health carrier will become primary and have to pay the differences.BTW - there are no deductibles for Med Pay coverage.Hope your injuries weren't significant. Goodluck.~jifr!Source(s):Insurance professional 10+ years



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