Next presidential election can we please elect someone who has actually worked in their life?

Next presidential election can we please elect someone who has actually worked in their life?

Obama gets a free ride through college because of his half skin color. Becomes a community organizer and makes friends with shady slum lords in Chicago. Spends his day shaking down people for money and parties at a convicted terrorists house. Spends time in a state legislature then 142 days in the US Senate.Next time lets elect someone who has done an honest days work.


Vote 4 Ron Paul in 2012. He was a Real Doctor


Good luck....It`s a fashion show now...Till TRUE DESPERATION ever rules the day...


You would have had more credibility if you also talked about George W. Bush. Do some of your own research for once. Bush never had a "real" job and you guys elected him twice.


Dude you really don't like black people do you? First you call Obama Muslim in your other post, then you said he got a free ride not because he worked hard in school but because of his skin color, and now you are calling him a lazy black man. We would elect Jim Crow for you but I believe he is dead.


Did Bush Junior ever work? Did he even show up in the National Guard? No.


I AGREE !!Lets hope he`s the last Affirmative Action president !!




I so agree you hit the nail on the head you couldn't of explained any better and liberals will find it hard to defend this question since it's all true we need someone who is actually American and loves this country.


Well most likely we will have to choose from 2 people who never worked in thier lives.Personally i am sick and tired of voting for Old White guys who where born with a silver spoon in their mouths.


You forgot about him being a state senator when he helped Chicago out by voting PRESENT all the time


Yes, I would hope other Americans would understand that we want something more in a president than just a person who is "glib".


When has that happened in the last 60 years?


The last person who was that way was Jimmy Carter, even if he is a disagreeable person.


"Next time lets elect someone who has done an honest days work."Being a senator IS work.Not dificult to see why you've never had a job.


It would be refreshing to have someone that has worked for a change.


according to obama he has worked, like at baskin robbins with his CT SSN or did he use that one later on? then he was a community organizer at acorn. to bad he don't have a license to practice law.


I agree. Since Obama has taken office there has been a steady erosion of all that America is. He and his band of followers in Washington are doing everything they can to erode this great country of its values and traditions. The trashy politicians that are now in office have brought their pathetic ways of getting things done straight from the corruption of Chicago and it is showcasing their trashy, thug political mentality. This is a complete rejection of everything that has made America the greatest country in the world.Obama has eroded:The American belief in Capitalism - Since taking office, Obama has done nothing but attack Capitalism. He has wanted to bail out all his buddies in the unions and different industries he wants to control. He has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry and now the health care industry - all for what? Because they think they can do it better than the free markets? Because they think they can get things done better than Capitalism? Obama needs a lesson in how America works.The respect for the office of the Presidency - Since taking office Obama has displayed a total lack of respect for this office. He needs to remember that he is the Commander of the highest office in the land. He is the head of free America, the most respected and powerful country in the world. He is not to go around having beers with the guys or saying he has “*** to kick”. He is trashing the respect of this highest of offices.The dignity and decorum of the office of the Presidency - It is said that his Attorney General Eric Holder has the mouth of a drunken sailor and he thinks that every sentence ends with the “F” word - his conversations with other Senators and House members are all about yelling, screaming and constantly swearing. This is how they did things in Chicago and it is how they now do things in Washington - total trash. This is how Obama and the “insiders” talk - they talk of who’s *** they can kick, or what industry they can take over. This is NOT how a President of the United States is to act.The Constitution - All that Obama does is NOT Constitutional - their new Health care act is NOT, the bail outs are NOT, the industry takeovers are NOT, the backroom deals are NOT, the offering of bribes during elections is NOT. NOTHING this guy does pays attention to what the Constitution says. He and his buddies have all sworn to uphold the Constitution yet none of them are doing it. This administration is definitely anti-Constitution therefore anti-the American people. “We the People” MUST rise up against this invasion from within!Our relations with our Allies throughout the world - Obama has trashed years and decades worth of foreign relations - bowing to our enemies and neglecting our allies. He has traveled around the world apologizing for America’s actions even though there is NO apology required or necessary. He is a total embarrassment to America, our fallen heros and all we stand for.The psyche of the American taxpayer - Because of Obama’s lack of respect for the American people - all taxpayers are on edge and have no idea where this economy is going - based on the Communist policies that Obama is spewing out of Washington. We the taxpayer have no idea what new taxes are coming out. We are constantly subject to the trash policies of the spend, print, borrow and tax Democrats - and we are sick of it! The taxpayer will rise up come vote time - this is when the trashy Obama will feel the wrath of what America is really all about.Obama has been a complete embarrassment to our founders and all our brave soldiers who have died on the battlefield protecting our freedoms and our Constitution. Is this the America that our brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy for? o_O


Dr. Ron Paul




I hope so.George Bush never worked in his life either. The only reason he became President was because of his dad's friends.I'd like to have seen Ron Paul be elected. I will most likely be voting for him again.


Agreed. Maybe we could really take a walk on the wild side and elect someone who isn't a lawyer...



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