Need somebody who can think like a Yahoo Answers moderator?

Need somebody who can think like a Yahoo Answers moderator?

I answered a question here, and it was flagged. I thought the answer was good, and I couldn'-t see where it was against the community guidelines, so I appealed the flag. However, I ended up losing -- the Yahoo Answer moderator (not sure what they'-re really called) decided it was a solicitation. However, I can'-t see it. Do they think I'-m soliciting on behalf of Google or Bing?Here'-s the answer and their decision:"-Can you pay monthly vs. yearly or semi-annually? $2000 per year, while it looks like a lot, is probably pretty decent given the situation. Actually -- that'-s $166 monthly (plus some fees if you actually pay monthly).. that'-s not bad at all, sorry to say, and I haven'-t been 18 for a long time... I paid much more than that. You should look into high risk auto insurance providers. I know that around here, they advertise on local TV all the time -- '-insurance for as low as $45'- -- while it'-s virtually impossible to get insurance that low, I was paying less with Titan Insurance than I was quoted for Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm (about $3,000 yearly)... You won'-t get a rate anywhere near that, but these flat-rate, high risk providers tend to offer lower rates for high risk drivers than mainstream insurers do. To find a high risk insurance provider (broker, preferably) locally, search Google or Bing for '-high risk auto insurance'- + state name + city name (or some variations without the quotes). For instance, if you live near Birmingham Alabama, search for '-high risk auto insurance birmingham al'- or something like that. Google may be better as they tend to provide local listings alongside the web-based listings. Alternately, get a quote from every single insurance company that you can find. It'-ll take a lot of work, but if you use an online insurance broker (they help you get quotes from multiple insurance companies simultaneously), it'-ll save you some time. Good luck."-Violation Reason: Solicitation


Appeal. You were not soliciting but posting the Fact the question sought.




Someone skimmed the answer and filed the report. I see nothing wrong with this answer as you are not saying 'Go with Titan Insurance'.


Yes to me it is solicitation, a suggestion, to try and avoid future violations, you might spend some time carefully going over the guidelines…



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