My vehicle got stolen, can I sue the criminal if caught?

My vehicle got stolen, can I sue the criminal if caught?

On 3/30/08 my car got stolen sometime between 6:30-10:00am in Minneapolis, MN with a full tank of gas. Unfortunately I only had liabilty, Police came an hour later and just hand me a card with claim number and left, didn'-t bother to ask me any particular details of the car, items left in car etc.So my main question is lets suppose the person who stole my vehicle is caught, can I make them pay for the damages on my car.I'-ve looked everywhere and gotten different answers, for example,yes but I need to get a lawyer(don'-t want to do that -$$$$)other said no(I'-m SOL)Insurance should cover at least 10% of damagesTake the criminal to court, etcInsurance won'-t cover a dime if vehicle is ever recoveredTake them(theft criminals) to a public courtThis is the first time i had ever had a car stolen so any help I would appreciatewith detailed links or answers, thanksJust trying to get $500 to repair the car if IT IS EVER RECOVERED as I know minor auto repair


Yes, you can sue for damages that aren't covered by your insurance and items that were inside the car. It helps if you still have receipts for the things that were inside.


1) Yes you can sue.2) No you will probably never see a dime even if you win, but you could get lucky.3) A lawyer is your best bet but you can do it all by yourself in small claims court with no lawyer and minimal fees. You can claim losses and damages in many courts up to a set dollar amount in that court. Some are $10,000. $500 is within that and certainly a choice you can take.4) Perhaps a local church or organization can help you if you ask. It creates a hardship and there might be a generous soul who donated a car that can get you by for now till you can recover losses or rebuild. Having something stolen is no cause for shame so you should put the call for help out if needed.If it were me I would pretend I'm never seeing it again and just start saving for a new one. It may seem impossible but there you have it. You can count on your hard work but not on anything else. I truly hope all works well for you and this difficult time will become positive for you down the road somehow.This might be helpful to start with this helps.


The correct answer is, yes you can sue him. You are entitled to sue anyone you see fit in civil court. If the judge, or jury if you exercise the 7th amendment, awards you money from the defendant, then good luck getting it from him. As a convicted felon, I can tell you that it is impossible for us to find valid employment and keep a good credit score. All felons are serving life sentences, many times for young stupidity. Good luck getting your money though!


take em to small claims court if caught! he must pay for the restitution plus your ct cost or go to jail! he will pay asap when the judge rules in favor!


ok i am not shore but i think the insurance company with cover all damages u have to pay deductible and your insurance company will sue the person responsible


Well honestly I have no clue about this stuff but my friend actually had her car stolen by a two 16 year olds. They found the car, but the DVD player, diamond earings and valuables were stolen. When you called the police they should have asked you what you had in the vehicle. Things such as cd players and cds let alone can be very expensive. My friend did take the teenagers to court, and from what i know they received money for what the car was titled to, so they did not get money for the valuables they claimed. It sucks to get stuff like this happen to you! So best of luck!


Your ins. policy will cover the blue book value of your car. and if your lucky they might cover some of your personal loss. and yes thats how the police do it because so many cars are stolen every day they do'nt have the manpower to look for them.


Since you only have liability coverage, then no your insurance company is not going to pay you. You need to have Comprehensive coverage.If the thief is ever caught, yes you can file a civil suit against him in small claims court. However, it is more likely that the police will file criminal charges, and if your vehicle was damaged the judge will order him to pay restitution.How are you coming up with a $500 figure? Supposing he wraps the vehicle around a tree? Don't you think you would be entitled to the Fair Market Value if the vehicle is totaled?Source(s):Claims - 21 years


Your liability insurance does not cover the theft of your vehicle. If caught, you may sue the thief. Anyone can sue anybody for any reason anytime. Collecting from the thief is another matter though


Maybe you could find a pro-bono attorney.


yeh i think u was probally a ***** that stole ur car...


of course but one is innocent unless proven guilty! Good luck with criminal-hunting!



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