My insurance on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

My insurance on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

i am 16 and i was involved in a accident. i was at fault. i live in Michigan whats my insurance on a 2001 Lincoln ls. also i have AAA


what do you mean what's your insurance? If you mean how much will it go up that depends on the cost now and how bad the accident was. if you can pay out of pocket you might not even have to report it meaning your insurance won't go up at all.If you mean are you covered you have to check your policy or ask your agent or your parents or whoever instated the policy.hope this helps :)


I understand your problem. Teen auto insurance rates are high normally and with the accident charge it would be even higher for you.It would be smart to compare auto insurance quotes online and even with your agents and find out what you get. Online the quotes are discounted since the insurance company saves on overhead cost. Compare your quotes before deciding on buying,. You can check out http://www.teenautoinsquote.comSource(s):



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