Mandated Health Insurance is different from Mandated Auto Insurance how?

Mandated Health Insurance is different from Mandated Auto Insurance how?

The Supreme Court will be deciding if the government can force us to buy health insurance from a private corporation. The government forces us to buy auto liability insurance from a private corporation. I am at a loss to see the difference.


Good point. I also cannot see a difference. The "states vs. federal rights" argument doesn't get at the basic question.


because auto insurance is a condition for the privilege of driving.unless you think living is a privilege it is not the same.


If you are driving on a public road and crash into somebody else you either need to prove it wasn't your fault or pay the other party damages. Nobody ever ran into someone else with a tumor and gave them a tumor.


i dont have a car. i dont have car insurance. no mandate for me. besides i had rather eat than have insurance.


You're at a loss to see the constitutional difference between state governments and the federal government?


Health insurance policies protect our health.Auto insurance policies protect other people who are harmed by our driving. Many states no longer allow lawsuits arising out of car accidents. Our insurance companies pay the people hurt by our driving instead of court awards.Think of medical insurance as the collision portion of an auto insurance policy, as opposed to the liability portion. I don't have to carry collision insurance on my ancient car. If it's totalled, it's cheaper for me to buy another ancient car. That's a risk only to ME. But I sure as heck have to carry liability insurance in case my driving results in injury to someone else.


No one is forced to buy auto one.It is a person's individual choice.


Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you do not drive, you do not have ot buy insurance for a car. Such laws ar UNIVERSALLY state laws, not subject to the restrictions of the constitution, anyway.there is no such opt out for someone who does not want to buy health insurance.It's simple, really.


States rights v. Federal rights(10th Amendment)The FEDERAL government does not force us to buy auto insurance. The STATE government does.And for those who choose not to drive (because we have other transportation available), then there is no need for them to purchase auto insurance.


You need the auto insurance only if you want to drive it.If you keep the car in the backyard you don't need it.The difference is between ACTION (drive the car) and INACTION


There is no difference. The only difference is one costs more. No difference in how they try to f u. I like my car insurance and do like my health insurance. Just hate the bills. Too many bills and not enough dough.


Auto insurance is a state mandate.



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