Look what one hard inquiry did to my scores !?

Look what one hard inquiry did to my scores !?

I opened a deposit account at a credit union.My scores went down.Credit Karma/Trans Union 780 from 783Vantage Score 917 from 923Auto Insurance 870 from 883Home Insurance 924 from 932All this because I wanted to open a health Savings account with a 1.5% rate.WTF ?


Opening a deposit account a bank does NOT lower your score.Sorry, something else here hurt you.I am 100% sure of my answer.Are you carrying credit card balances?This is a fast way to cause damage to a score.For best credit, know that cards need to be paid in full each month.Also know that it takes reports up to 90 days to update information.Your score could have taken a hit from something you did 3 months ago.


Anytime you open an account, you will lose 2/3 points. But since your score goes up between 5 to 10% per month, it bounces back up the following month.Source(s):Retired bill collector 35 years



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