List of indian export insurance companies?

List of indian export insurance companies?

i want to know the various indian export insurance companies


Dear Prashant.What is exactly you want to insure? Is it the merchandise, (i.e. cargo under export) or the risk of non payment by the buyer?If it is merchandise, all the general insurance companies in India do undertake this transit insurance cover. (United India, General Insurance, etc). While exporting you can get the policy for the invoice value and send the documents alongwith the Insurance cover note/policy to the overseas buyer through your banker.If you are talking about insuring the risk of non payment by buyer, even after your part of the contract has been performed by you, then you can insure this risk with the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. They have head office in Mumbai and branch offices in all major places.


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International Importers & Exporters--------------------------------------…Ahuja Finvest - set up to provide customised financial and management solutions.Benz Fishing Baits Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of Hand Tied Fishing Flies.Dharani Export Import Services Ltd. - Dharani is a well-established services company providing marketing and other services to foreign firms.Ecovinal International Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of natural white vinegar from sugarcane alcohol.Global International - Leading exporters of coir pith blocks from South India.G.G.Associates - We are the Importer-Spandex yarn,Exporter-Knitted Stretch Fabric & Garments with spandex yarn & buying Agent for knits from Tiruppur,India.Harrisons Malayalam Limited - Largest producer of Natural Rubber in India and second largest producer of Tea in Southern India.India Shoes - India Shoes ExportsJolly's Export Agency - Exporters of spices and masalas and fancy productsKusal - Distributor and dealer of imported artificial silk plants, flowers and treesLaunchpad Exim Services - Import & Export servicesMG Exports - A leading manufacturer and supplier of customised high-technology equipment spares for the textile industry within a framework of time.MLE Group of Companies - an Indo-German set up since 1992 combines Export and Import facilities under a single roof right at your fingertips when it comes to doing business in Southern India.Pestico - Manufacturer and Exporter of SprayersRNRajan - Established in 1966 by late G.Ramaswamy, who had experience of, the company is engaged in Import and Exports of Indian Crude drugs and currently enjoys a high place in the industry.Robe Exports - We are exporters of Cotton Garments from Chennai in South India. Our family has been engaged in the textile business for the last 35 years, and our best reference is the satisfied range of customers all over the world.Sayee Industries - Manufacturer/Exporter of Rubber Playballs/ChappalsSharon - Plywood with the strength of 100% Gurjan.SIPCO Paints - Manufacturers of Paints, Sealant and adhesives in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Egypt



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