Is there a less expensive auto insurance carrier other than Progressive?

Is there a less expensive auto insurance carrier other than Progressive?

I have a male friend who is middle aged &- is paying close to $400 monthly for full coverage on his auto insurance that he has with Progressive. Does anyone else seem to think that this is a lot of money? Can anyone suggest a less expensive car insurance carrier? I thank you in advance for your positive responses. Have a great day!!


The only way your friend or you or me can find a less expensive insurer is to call around and get several quotes. The company that is cheapest for one could be the highest for another.


It seems expensive but without knowing his driving record, what type of car he's driving, and what the limits on his coverage are it's impossible to say if it's too much.If he's paying $400 a month he almost certainly has to have a history of accidents and tickets with a few possible DUIs as well.



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