Is Tata-AIG AUTO INSURANCE in bangalore a good choice?

Is Tata-AIG AUTO INSURANCE in bangalore a good choice?

It is time for my AUTO INSURANCE policy renewal, and i have 2 options.ICICI lombard is quoting me a premium of about Rs 14,000+TATA-AIG is quoting me a premium of about Rs 11,000+Obviously TATA-AIG is cheaper. Would any of you share your experiences of doing business with how good are they at processing claims, any problems you have faced with them, and things on those lines. I really appreciate any advice in this regard....Thanks!


We have been more than happy with Bajaj- AllianzeOpp. Bangalore Club, Residency Rd


tata- aig is a good choice


please don't even think about tata-aig, they will hardly give u nothing at the time of repair or an accident.


first you have to check which company have tie ups with your favourite workshop so that they will manage if any possible accident repairs with out much difficulty to you.. About the premiums, the difference is due to some reduction in risk cover or in the idv of the is better you read a copy of their policy document s and understandthe termagain if it is an old car having no claim bonus you can transfer the benefit to the new company of your others suggested there were choices and you can look other companies like reliance general etc.there are provisions for insuring the paid driver and un named passengers travelling in i.tSource(s):i am working in the banking and insurance sector



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