Is talking a online car insurance quote safe?

Is talking a online car insurance quote safe?

i am looking for a online auto insurance quote, but i dont'- know if the submitting the personal info will be safe?secondly do you have some good site where can i get a onlien quote, submitting the minimum info?


If it is a major insurer, say geico, it is safe.If it is the link that you will post as an answer, then no, that link is not safe.


You never know with all the scams out there. Just because they advertise on tv doesn't make it safe.It's safer to get quotes over the phone from companies in your local phone book.They don't take your ssn until you go to their office


All reputed insurance companies have their websites and offer online quotes these days. These are usually secure sites so there are minimal chances of your information being misused. Make sure you stick to the big players like The Hartford, Geico, All State and Progressive,Source(s):Source:…Source:…



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