Is my go-kart covered?

Is my go-kart covered?

My go-kart was stolen out of my backyard while I was away at work. I didn'-t have it insured on an auto policy, but I do have renters insurance. I made an insurance claim with USAA on Friday afternoon and have a police report. Will I be covered I payed at least $1400 for the thing.


Chris, There are lots of places where you can get a free insurance quote. It only takes less than 10 minutes to do.


we're not your insurance companyso we dont know


Renter insurance may or may not cover go-kart.Check your policy, it should be on declaration page, if not then ask your insurance company rather than posting here because we're not insurance agent and we don't know what your policy is.On top of that I highly doubt you will get KB

we're not your insurance companyso we dont know

400 for that thing because go-kart like automobile, their value depreciates fast.


No, it's not covered under renters insurance. Motorized vehicles, except handicapped vehicles like a wheelchair, are specifically not covered under renters insurance.



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