Is my car covered if I'm not on the policy?

Is my car covered if I'm not on the policy?

On Sunday I got in a car accident it was all my fault. Now I own the car, and I'-m still paying it. Though the car is under my friend'-s dad policy. It has full coverage, but I (the owner) is not on the policy. The Insurance is Infinity and I live in Los Angeles, California. I just want to know if my car will be covered and the other person'-s car as well.P.S: The reason I was not on the policy was because at the time I insured the car I didn'-t have enough money for the downpayment


No, you are not covered. If there was a report of the incident and you are listed as the driver, the insurance company will probably not pay unless your friend's dad, the insured, says you drove the car without his permission. In this case, you will be charged with Grand Theft Auto, which is really bad. I think it's a felony.if there was no report, and you can convince your friend's dad and the other person to agree to it, you can tell the insurance company that he was driving. They would pay for it, but you, your friend's dad and the other person involved in the accident would be guilty of insurance fraud.What will probably happen is that the other person's insurance company will pay for their insured's car and possibly come after you to repay them. You will also be stuck paying for your car out of your pocket.I think you will just have to accept the consequences of your actions.



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