Is Matt Morgan really going to return to the WWE?

Is Matt Morgan really going to return to the WWE?

I heard rumors about it but there was a Direct Auto Insurance commercial which sponsors TNA and Matt Morgan was in it


That Direct Auto Insurance commercial was a long time ago, probably from last year. Matt Morgan firmly stated that once his current contract with Total Nonstop Action expires, he will decide to join World Wrestling Entertainment. Ring Ka King is like a secondary branch of TNA, so he is just performing occasionally there.


if he will come back wwe will just make him a mid-carder like tensai [a-train]wwe are just ruining great talents


Right know he is in some tna thing in India called ring ka king so when his contract ends I'd say he could go back


I heard that he won't be resigning with TNA once his current contract ends, so it's a good possibility that he will come back to WWE in the next few years.



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