Is it true the you can get car insurance thru Medicaid or Medicare?

Is it true the you can get car insurance thru Medicaid or Medicare?

I heard this is true but I don'-t know because my parents are disabled they are 51 and 56 they own a car but no insurance they need it to get to there doctor'-s appointment'-s and hospital visits. So is this true if anybody knows please help by giving info on this by giving a link or number. Or you can help by referring to a place that will help them out because they only live on the disability checks and food stamps. Thanks for helping


Your state may have a low cost auto insurance plan for low income residents or those on Medicaid. Some cities have free transportation for people on Medicaid. I am in the same situation but cant afford a car.They can get more food at local distribution points and food pantries.

lucy……Appearently in CA, they have a low income auto program so that everyone can meet the minimum standards to drive and have insurance. 1st link provided2nd link is an ad, but asks for the zip code, but also implies that CA is one of the only states, but others are following.…It appears that NJ also has some kind of program.When I google, kept getting only medicare and medicaid, which only applies to medical benefits.good luck



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