Is it the law in North Carolina to have auto insurance?

Is it the law in North Carolina to have auto insurance?

I am moving from florida and it is the law here. I was just wondering. Also, what is the penalty if you get caught without insurance?

Below is a FAQ's on North Carolina auto insurance laws:What type of automobile liability insurance am I required to have?According to North Carolina auto insurance law, you are required to have Bodily injury liability and Property damage liability.What are the minimum liability limits?According to North Carolina auto insurance law, the minimum amount of liability coverage needed for personal injury is $30,000 person and $60,000 per accident.The minimum amount of liability coverage needed for property damage is $25,000. This will usually appear on the policy in the form 20/60/25.TopWhen will I be required to present proof of Insurance?Never.Will my insurer required to verify the validity of my insurance policy?Yes. Your insurance company is required to inform the Department of Motor Vehicle if you cancel or fail to renew your auto insurance policy. What is more, insurers in North Carolina are required to submit thier entire list of insurance policies in force, which could be compared to motor vehicle registrations.The best way to get insurance information, though, is from a qualified insurance agent. I would suggest going to… It’s a web site that offers insurance information & information on policies nationwide. It also gives you the option to call local agents to get any of your questions answered. This service is 100% free and you are not obligated to buy anything. It is simply a way to get insurance information and be able to instantly compare rates in your area to find the best price/coverage.Take care – Ron at InsureMeSource(s):…


If you hit someone and can't pay because you're not insured, your penalty is the rest of your life having financial troubles, if not prisoned because you can't pay up.And, hitting someone can be VERY expensive.So, be wise and take your insurance.



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