Is GEICO car insurance any good in terms of their service level?

Is GEICO car insurance any good in terms of their service level?

Also do they give multi-line discount if you order renters insurance from their website as well?


As an insurance agent myself, I'd say that almost every insurance company is going to give you a deal if you put your home and auto together. (renters insurance is considered a homeowners policy). You might try Donegal Insurance if you live in the northeast, or Ohio Casualty. Cumberland Insurance is very good as well. Geico isnt the best way to go unless you've got an office right near you. You're better off going with something where you can talk to an actual person in an office and such. Try your neighborhood insurance company.



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First idea - DON'T SPAM folks trying to get answers!Pay for your advertisements like Warren Buffett does!Source(s):Independent Insurance agent for 25+ years

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