In your experience, who are the best and worst insurance companies for home and auto?

In your experience, who are the best and worst insurance companies for home and auto?

I used to have The Hartford. They were the worst ever. Now I have Nationwide, and I'-m happy with them.


If you are fortunate enough to either have been in the military or have been a dependent of someone who was, you can get USAA coverage. They are, without question, the best. Lowest rates, best customer service, most variety of products.Everything I've heard from friends bears this out. Unfortunately, you have to have that US military affiliation to get their coverage.


Farmers was the worst for home insurance. We had a claim once, and the guy handling our case kept calling. When I would answer, he wouldn't talk to me about it, he would insist that he had to talk to my husband. The policy and the house were in both of our names.


Had strange experiences with Farmers where they first provided a quote competitive to my current insurance and told me the will send all the paperwork and I could cancel already my other insurance (home and car). And then they withdrew their offer and gave me revised quote which was significantly higher than what I paid with my insurance. And they got very complicated and it seemed the agent was pretty useless too.My current insurance for home and car is Geico and partnered with them Travelers (they do the home part) and I am pretty happy with them. But also so far I had no claim yet, so I don't know how they are when it is getting serious and there is a claim.What I like is their easy way to deal with them, no local agents, only phone and Internet. I prefer that.


USAA is the best and I don't know the worst.



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