In the U.S., is auto insurance required for a car that you are not driving?

In the U.S., is auto insurance required for a car that you are not driving?

I know this sounds like a ridiculous question but curious.....If you keep a car in your driveway and never drive it, is auto insurance required?


If you want to keep the tag registration up to date, you probably have to prove the car is insured. If the tag is expired or you've turned it in, then there is no requirement for you to insure it as long as you keep it on your private property. Don't park an untagged car on the street.


The laws vary from state to state, but in general, if you have one registered and tagged, then it must be insured. If you just have one parked in the yard, you don't have any problem, except for local laws and ordinances that cover "abandoned" vehicles.


not in ohio


In New York, if you have license plates issued to the car you must have liability insurance on it. Failure to maintain insurance on a car you have license plates for will cause your license to be suspended.If you do not have plates for the car, then you need no insurance on the car.


you do not need insurance unless you will get tags and it will be driven.


Insurance is not required in all states, that is determined by each state's laws. If insurance is required, it would not apply to a vehicle in a garage that is not used.Insurance may, however, be required by the lien holder if you have a loan on the vehicle regardless of whether you use it or not.Source(s):17 years law enforcement



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