In MD, what is the cheapest car insurance for a new driver?

In MD, what is the cheapest car insurance for a new driver?

I am a new driver, 20, but will be 21 next month. I have had my license for over one month and was put on my mother'-s insurance. Insurance with her is really cheap, 136. I have a 1998 Chevy Venture Extended Mini Van. My problem is, I can'-t drive it. Being on my mother'-s insurance, I am essentially forking over 136 dollars to not drive. She keeps telling me "-You don'-t have enough experience to be out on your own"-. I'-m almost 21, I can'-t have to have my mom with me to drive somewhere. This is awful. And whenever I bring it up to her she just shouts so it doesn'-t get any better. Problem is, I make a little over 500 a month at my job so money is a tad tight, and not having my own wheels (well, truly my own) I have to wait it out until I can find a better job. So what I'-m wondering, in the state of MD, Baltimore City to be exact. What is the cheapest I can get my own auto insurance policy?


If you have had no violations or claims while on your mother's policy her company should be the cheapest. Your first break is at age 21. The next is at age 25.



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