Im stuck in clinton, sc and i need some advice on the best way to get home.?

Im stuck in clinton, sc and i need some advice on the best way to get home.?

okay, so i'-m on my way back home to louisville, ky from clinton, sc when my car breaks down. we'-re now staying in a crappy days in trying to figure out the best, economical way to get home. i need some advice. do we have the car towed home and rent a car to get back? our budget is small, so i don'-t even know any economical way to tow a car. since tomorrow is sunday, no garages are open to look at the car here. we have to be home on monday or we'-ll be in deep with our jobs. any ideas? anyone know of any traveling auto parts places? anything will help at this point. anyone near clinton, sc that knows anything about cars? let me know!


What's wrong with your car ?? Maybe you can fix it yourself ??? Give more info, there are some great mechanics in this site...... Check to see if you have towing on your insurance policy !! Or AAA. If you reply,im sure someone in here can help. You can't take the thermostat out without replacing it! If this is your only problem i can walk you thru it ! Over heating is no reason to tow your car.



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