I'm interested in starting a tow truck company in Pennsylvania how do i go about doing it?

I'm interested in starting a tow truck company in Pennsylvania how do i go about doing it?

Is there any special qualifications and insurance premiums, any information will be greatly appreciated


See competitors.See Penn Auto Club sites.See local garages.Buy Used trucks.Buy wholesaleSee PA Legal for fees etc.Find Tow Niche:offer Services If any:Battery Charge & or ReplaceDrive 200 miles with client to His, her garageUse GPS for routes.Tow Luxury make models.Unique paint scheme on trucks.Hot coffee & munchies in Box on truck.Snow chainsSnow plow mounted on front.Flexfuel engine used???Have Fun.Connect to AAA organz. Be Legit.Source(s):aaa.org.aaa.com


In the tow truck business you need insurance that covers the value of the cars and trucks you are recovering.On the turnpike you permit as well as permission to remove cars and trucks from this roads. you also need dot, icc .authority by the state.



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