If you pay your auto insurance in full for the year?

If you pay your auto insurance in full for the year?

I know this may sound like a stupid question, but I'-m just renewing my insurance, no accidents or anything, and I'-m going with a different company. And I never thought about this until the other day, which I don'-t understand, because if your paying monthly I know if it happens it will go up.. soIf you pay your auto insurance in full for the year after you get the quote, and say six months down the road, you get into an accident caused by you, and If your not paying monthly, how does your insurance go up? What happens exactly?


Regardless of how you are paying for your policy, if you have an at-fault accident in the middle of the term the insurer cannot increase your rates until the next renewal. So if you have took out a policy on November 2010 for a year and you have an accident on March, 2011, the insurer cannot increase your rates because of the accident until November, 2011 regardless if you are paying monthly or all at once.


Your rate changes only when the policy renews.


if your rates increase for whatever reason, theyll just bill you for the difference which you must pay or theyll drop you!!



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