If you don't have insurance, jobless but in a lawsuit over a personal injury accident that happened at work?

If you don't have insurance, jobless but in a lawsuit over a personal injury accident that happened at work?

How long approximately does it usually take to settle with the help of a attorney?And By insurance I mean health insurance, sorry, not enough room in the question field.


If you are in litigation regarding an accident that happened at work, why aren't you getting Workers' Compensation? If you suffered an injury at work, you are probably entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits like disability payments, and that might also help cover medical costs related to the injury. I don't know what state you are in, but I worked in Workers' Comp in Ohio and in OH, it didn't matter if your employer had Workers' Comp insurance. If you were injured in the course of employment, you could apply for benefits. If your employer wasn't insured, the state would pay you then go after your employer for reimbursement. I'm pretty sure every state but TX is like that. Just beware that if you receive medical benefits from Workers' Comp, then you settle a civil suit, there might be subrogation issues. Sorry if you've already thought of all this, I just thought I would mention it.My mom's personal injury lawsuit took over a year to settle (this was an auto accident). I think it depends upon the amount of money involved, and whether key facts are disputed. Sorry to state the obvious, but...the best idea is to ask your attorney. If he/she does a lot of personal injury work, they will know the habits of the particular insurance company and can probably give you an estimate.



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