If the at-fault driver is a minor, do you sue the driver or her parent?

If the at-fault driver is a minor, do you sue the driver or her parent?

I had recently posted a question about an accident in a Walmart parking lot (in Georgia). My son was going down one of the driving lanes, and a girl driving ACROSS the parking lanes did not see him and crossed his path. He T-boned her. The girl'-s insurance co. (Georgia Farm Bureau) has denied my claim, stating in a letter that their driver is not "-legally liable"-. Their claims adjuster is quite rude on the phone and does not even want to explain what he based his decision on. I have a police report based on an independent witness (the report clearly states that the girl was driving across the parking lanes).My insurance rep is trying to obtain a copy of the video recording (since everything gets recorded in the parking lot 24/7). I only have liability coverage, and my insurance cannot do a whole lot for me. I am on my own as far as taking the other driver to court.I have decided to file a claim (small claims court) first thing next week. However, since the other driver is only 17 years old, I am not sure if I should sue her or her mother. The owner of the car is the mother, and the car is covered under the mother'-s auto insurance.Any ideas will be appreciated!


You would sue the owner of the vehicle, since they are financially responsible for whatever happens to the vehicle.


Name them all, the girl, the mom, and the insurance company.


I love Judge Judy and she deals with this a lot... the minor is brought to court accompanied by their guardian. So I guess the answer is "both".


Best bet is to hire an attorney who only gets paid if he wins your case. Insurance companies are incredibly arrogant and rude when dealing with claims against them. They won't listen to a regular citizen, but they will listen to an attorney, who is capable of costing them a large amount of money. I suspect the minor's parents will be the ones named in the suit, since they are responsible for her conduct. Good luck with the Walmart video, and recovering damages.Source(s):Been there, done that.



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