If someone makes an auto insurance claim against me, does my insurer have to infrom me?

If someone makes an auto insurance claim against me, does my insurer have to infrom me?

Two years ago a girl rode her bike into my car as I pulled into my driveway. There was no damage to my car but she fell as a result of it and called her mother who asked for my insurance information. The police came and after the girl and her mother filed a police report, deemed that it was her fault for a) riding on the sidewalk and b) for not stopping when she saw the car because i was already mostly in and witnesses could prove that. Anyways, today I was shopping around for a new insurance quote when I was told they couldn'-t offer me coverage as I made a claim in 2010. This is the only incident that happened that year. Now, my insurance provider never informed me that a claim had been made. My premium went up but when I asked all I was told was that they had yearly increases. Is it their legal obligation to inform me if a claim has been made. If so, what are my next steps to a) clear this up and b) take action against my insurance company?


I selected "Canadian questions only" so I assume you are from Canada.The above answers are not exactly correct. Now, it does matter what province you are from but I will explain it as though you are from Ontario.Your previous insurance company (from when the accident took place) may not have even known about the accident. You should call them right now and see if it is on your record. In provinces with a "no-fault" system you do not claim from someone else's insurance company. You always and only claim from your own. However, if someone puts in a claim of their own with you as the third party and has your information the claim may come up on your insurance record. In Ontario, your insurance company would not normally pull your insurance record unless you were a new client. Believe it or not, when you have accidents that is the worst time to switch insurance companies.Was the person injured in the accident? It is possible they made a claim for injuries under their own policy (yes, that is possible even if they were only riding a bike). In this situation it's also possible their insurance company never even informed your own.You should ask the person who told you they couldn't insure you because of a claim in 2010. No province or company has the power to reject you based on a single claim. In fact, there are many laws in place making it mandatory for them to insure you in pretty much every province. It's possible they saw a really large injury claim and decided to tell you that they can't insure you to get rid of you (insurance companies don't want to insure someone with a large claim).It's also possible that it is an entirely different claim. Call your previous (or existing) insurance broker/agent and ask. If you live in a province other than Ontario, ask your agent/broker how it would work there.Nothing is ever 100% in insurance so it's difficult to tell exactly what happened. I've never worked in claims myself but this is all to the best of my knowledge as a broker.Also:Don't exactly tell your company that there was a claim. Just call them and ask if there has been any claims in the last few years.Source(s):Insurance Broker


Yes. They should have contacted you. Call the claims department and give them your info, and get your claim information. There should be a claims handler that worked the claim. Get their info and call them to find out why they didn't call you.By law, they are required to inform you of any claims made against you.Most states also require them to send you a written acknowledgment as well.Once you finish talking to the insurance adjuster, if you still want to take action, contract the department of insurance in your state. You can find them online.



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