I was recently in a car accident, but didn't do a police report. Can I still claim this collision on insurance?

I was recently in a car accident, but didn't do a police report. Can I still claim this collision on insurance?

I was driving in the rain and went to brake and instead my car slid into the vehicle in front of me. I went to stop assuming he was doing the same thing, but he turned. So, I assumed that he was turning to get out of the street. I followed to turn, but he kept going! Then I realized he wasn'-t going to stop. So, at that point, I just drove the two blocks to my original destination. I was told insurance would not cover the damage bc I did not stop and do a police report. Is this true? I have AAA Michigan auto insurance.


no, and your going to hell too


You were misinformed. Call the claims department and open a claim for your damages.


In the future avoid taking advice from whoever told you that. Count yourself lucky the person you hit didn't stop, because if he had you would have owed for all damage to his car. Since it was your fault, the damage to your car would only be covered by collision, and a police report isn't needed because there is no need to assign who is responsible. Call your agent, make the claim, get your damage fixed. You will, of course, have to pay the deductible amount if any.


No that's not true at all, call your agent and file a claim.Source(s):I work for AAA in Ohio.



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