I was a week late with my auto insurance payment so progressive?

I was a week late with my auto insurance payment so progressive?

cancelled my policy. Does anyone know of a good one to get in Minnesota?


Would Progressive not take you back? My personal opinion is that they are all a bunch of crooks and if we weren't forced by the state to have it, we'd all be better off without insurance of any kind.


No insurance company will cancel a policy for being one week late on a payment once. Your obviously leaving something out here.


If it was your renewal, the policy expires on the renewal date, this would have been written clearly on your bill. You may still be able to pay the renewal & Progressive will renew with a lapse (will start again on the day after they get the payment). If your policy was midterm, by law in every state, they must send you a cancellation notice that gives you at least 10 more days to pay (minimum in every state, some states give 15 or 20 days). If you were a week past your CANCELLATION date, then you would have to start a new policy with them. You are more than a week late.So, if you were midterm, the bill was sent about 3 weeks before it was due, they didn't get your payment so they sent a cancellation notice, so you knew your premium was due at least a month or more ago.Call a local independent agent & get a new policy TODAY!!!Source(s):Insurance agent (we have Progressive as one of our companies).


I don't know if they write in your area, but, Safe Auto is pretty good here in Ohio, where people have trouble like that also......I know that here in Ohio, if you don't have Auto Insurance and you left it Expire, it is an Automatic 6 Months of Suspended Drivers License. There is NO WAY around this!



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