I want to start selling pet insurance. How do I find a company I can apply for a contract with?

I want to start selling pet insurance. How do I find a company I can apply for a contract with?

Im a licensed insurance agent and want to expand my lines of business. Being the animal lover that I am, I want to provide health insurance to pet owners.


Google Horse Insurance on the internet, there are a ton of companies. Also simply look at the local racing track and they will be advertising there.


I would recommend talking to a local vet because they would be able to give you a list of companies they accept and then you can google the company names for contact info.Good luck to you!Source(s):10+ years in insurance


First is to get an insurance licence, next is the funds follow-by customers - in that order! For customers, try working with animal farms to begin with and spread words around.


Are you currently appointed with MetLife Auto & Home?They have an arrangement with a pet insurance provider.Ask your MetLife marketing rep in your state or start by going to this website www.metlifepets.comI'm sure you need to be appointed with MetLife.I may be wrong, but I think most other providers of pet health insurance just market directly to the public and have no agents.Source(s):Independent Agent



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