I really need help please?

I really need help please?

Ok so the problem is we have Progressive auto insurance, I feel like we are being ripped off here. They keep changing our policy and I don'-t even know until I see a fee. Well, my husband and I have been moving around alot because he is in the Marine Corps so we haven'-t really had a stable mailing address. I saw that our insurance policy for our car has doubled and we didn'-t know until our bank said something to us. Progressive charged us for not filling out a form they sent to us and sending it back to them. I am frustrated because how could we have got the form if we are moving around so much? I don'-t know what to do, I called Progressive and explained, but they still want us to pay....it'-s quite alot of money because it doubled. Is there anything I can do? Please help.


OK, first of all, Progressive can't help it if you're moving around so much. They WILL give you the credit, if you eventually get that paper to them. If you have access to a fax machine, they can fax to you, usually the same HOUR that you call them, they're very good about that.Every time you make a change - address, driver info, proof of home ownership or prior coverage (or lack thereof), you are VERY likely to see a premium change with Progressive.I would get the paper taken care of - and faxed back to Progressive - tomorrow. You should also SERIOUSLY consider switching your billing to EFT, as Progressive is super fast to throw late charges onto your account, and WILL charge you $50 extra if the policy cancels for non-payment - which it's likely to do, if you keep moving around fast. So EFT payments will take care of that issue - which I strongly suspect will be the next problem.When you say you notified the company - was it PROGRESSIVE you called, or the agent? Because apparently it didn't get changed. That's a problem. If you call Progressive today, you can call tomorrow, and confirm that the address got changed.Also, for military families - it's pretty hard to beat USAA Insurance. I'd look there BEFORE checking anywhere else.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


You have a responsibility to notify your insurance company when you move. Rates are not only based on the vehicles and drivers, but also location. The rate increase can be caused by the fact that you have moved. How often have you moved? I can't see where this would be a big issue for you to notify them of your new address.If you are unhappy with Progressive, find an independent insurance agent in your present area and ask them to do some comparison quoting for you. In the future, make sure you keep your agent informed of your address. They will keep you informed of any changes to your coverage.


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We were with Progressive and they kept raising our premiums after they gave us an initial low quote. We are now with Geico, saved lots of money and can do EVERYTHING online, this would be great for you since you move alot. First I would change insurance companies...then I would file a compaint with the Department of Justice/Consumer Divison in your state. After you file they will investigate your claims.


Many of the car insurance companies that have a lot of television advertising are for suckers. They have to pay for those billions in tv ads somehow, don't they?Get out your phone book, and shop around. Call some agents, ask about Grange, and some of the others. Unless there's something about your record that requires you to stay with a company that takes high-risk customers, you'd be wise to find another insurer.



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