I need cheapest auto insurance?

I need cheapest auto insurance?

I am 17 years old, and i need an auto insurance that costs around $100-150 per month. i cannot afford higher than that.


I think you're going to have to do some actual footwork for yourself.Contact different Insurance companies for quotes, both on and offline. Sure, try the online advertisers, try the big companies, try the small ones. After you get about 3 quotes you'll have a general range.Further...consider what coverage you want for your car.How old is your car? Are you looking for collision coverage, which covers damage to your own vehicle less a deductible? Your deductible also affects your premiums. Consider this. You could get collision with a $1000 deductible, but that would mean that if you DO have a wreck, and you are at fault or the other person is uninsured, you'd have to come up with $1k to pay for your car - and believe you me, it doesn't take much to ring up $1k in body repairs.Comprehensive covers you for animal hits (if a deer jumps in front of you or if you hit a goose), hail, storm damage - look at policy language for this one. That also requires a deductible.The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance premium, but...can you come up with $1000 or $500? Most people choose a $250 deductible for Collision and Comprehensive.If you own an older car, something worth about $500 or $!000 or so, you may want to consider Liability-only coverage. Either way, you are required by State Law to have Liability coverage. This covers damage to other vehicles or property if it is your fault. It also covers you for injuries if you are injured in an accident, or if someone else is at fault but is uninsured. Or...if you are a pedestrian, biker, etc, hit by a vehicle.Contact an agent, sit down with that agent and talk about what you need. They will make an evaluation based upon risk for you and your car and sell you a policy that fits your needs. You can do this online, by phone, etc.No one here can tell you what your own personal insurance will cost you because none of us here can evaluate your "risk" or the value of your car, or your specific needs.The Major Insurance companies are Progressive, State Farm, American Family, Farmers, Travelers, National, Nationwide, etc. There are other companies that are branches of those, and other, smaller companies that are totally independent. You will need to find out for yourself where you will get the best deal.Welcome to the world of vehicle ownership. Not so much fun, is it?Source(s):Life, Vehicle owner, Worked for a major insurance company for 5 years


If you cannot afford higher than that, then you need to sell your car and wait until you are older to buy one. You cannot own a car at 17 if you cannot afford to spend more than that on insurance.


Try an insurance broker that doesn't charge any fees. Not sure if Progressive charges, but I know for sure that Apollo doesn't..,.. They usually check several agencies and get you the best price.Source(s):discoveries



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