I involved in a car accident and that car insurance just expired few days ago?

I involved in a car accident and that car insurance just expired few days ago?

I borrowed my brother in law car and unfortunately, i collided with another car. Then I realized that my brother'-s car insurance with GMAC has just expired few days ago. I don'-t have the same address with him, just borrow his car occasionally because i just moved here. I have my own car insurance in another state with AAA. What can I do in this situation?


Report the claim to your car insurance company.Your company may provide coverage for your brothers car as a "non-owned auto". As long as the car is not provided for your regular use, the liability and collision coverage provided by your car policy may cover your accident in your brothers car.You would need to get written confirmation from your brothers car insurance company that his policy was not in force on the date of the accident.This is something that will depend on the language in your policy. It's also something that is not done very often. Many adjusters don't know you can do that. They tend to think of a "non-owned" auto as a rental car. But the way most policies read, a car you borrow from someone who does not reside in your household and is not provided for your regular use will qualify for coverage as a "non owned auto".Source(s):Insurance Adjuster


Your own insurance may cover this. Call them. Car insurance is for the car, and the owner's insurance would be the primary coverage provider. But since there was no insurance on the car, there's a chance your insurance would cover. It will take some time, because AAA will want proof that the other car doesn't have insurance (in the form of a denial letter from GMAC), then they will decide whether to cover, or not.Source(s):Auto insurance claims rep.


It's possible that you may be covered by your own insurance company to drive other vehicles.If not then I think you will have to pay for damages, as your Brothers insurance company won't pay out on an expired policy.


Generally, your insurance would be secondary. This means that if there is no coverage available through the owner of the vehicle, the driver's insurance steps in. File the claim with your company and see what they need. Often your brother-in-law may have to sign a form stating he had no insurance at the time of loss or your company may require the denial letter from GMAC. At that point, AAA can step in.Source(s):claims adjuster


You will have to pay for the damages since your brothers car wasn't in your insurance policy.



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