I have a question about California Domestic Partnership?

I have a question about California Domestic Partnership?

Hello there me and my boyfriend of 6 years we were high school sweet hearts are moving out to California in January of 2013.Reason beging he has a job offer out there in computer maintenance were moving to San Jose,California.We go in October to look at apartments/housing we both are from Tennessee he'-s 25 he'-ll be 26 in January and I'-m 25 I'-ll be 26 in May.We know that California doesn'-t have same-sex marriage or civil unions.But that is does have Domestic Partnership we respect everybody'-s opinion on same-sex marriage.But he asked me the other night during dinner when we move out there and settle down a little bit.Would I enter into a Domestic Partnership with him?Of course I said yes he said the reason beging since were going to be away from both our parents we can make decision'-s for one another like in the hospital.But I have read so many things about the Domestic Partnership Law in California one article says one thing and another article says another.Can someone please explain it all to me?Thank you and God Bless!!!


As of 2012, California affords domestic partnerships the same rights and responsibilities as marriages under state law. Among these:Making health care decisions for each other in certain circumstancesHospital and jail visitation rights that were previously reserved for family members related by blood, adoption or marriage to the sick, injured or incarcerated person.Access to family health insurance plans (Cal. Ins. Code §10121.7)Spousal insurance policies (auto, life, homeowners etc..), this applies to all forms of insurance through the California Insurance Equality Act (Cal. Ins. Code §381.5)Sick care and similar family leaveStepparent adoption proceduresPresumption that both members of the partnership are the parents of a child born into the partnershipSuing for wrongful death of a domestic partnerRights involving wills, intestate succession, conservatorships and trustsThe same property tax provisions otherwise available only to married couples (Cal. R&T Code §62p)Access to some survivor pension benefitsSupervision of the Superior Court of California over dissolution and nullity proceedingsThe obligation to file state tax returns as a married couple (260k) commencing with the 2007 tax year (Cal R&T Code §18521d)The right for either partner to take the other partner's surname after registrationCommunity property rights and responsibilities previously only available to married spousesThe right to request partner support (alimony) upon dissolution of the partnership (divorce)The same parental rights and responsibilities granted to and imposed upon spouses in a marriageThe right to claim inheritance rights as a putative partner (equivalent to the rights given to heterosexual couples under the putative spouse doctrine) when one partner believes himself or herself to have entered into a domestic partnership in good faith and is given legal rights as a result of his or her reliance upon this belief.[4]Source(s):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_pa…http://www.legalzoom.com/marriage-divorc…


This is way to important a question to be relying on us here on YA.You should seek professional legal advice once your there. When you weigh up how important it is to get it right, its worth paying a few dollars to achieve this. (get the right advice)Note.There are legal steps you can take to appoint any one as your guardian, trustee, power of attorney, what ever its called in your area. That is yo can appoint a person or people who can make medical and financial decisions for you.So if the Domestic Partnership wont deliver what you need, most often there are ways around this.



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