I got into a car accident back in September 2009. I got served legal papers today (July16th 2012)?

I got into a car accident back in September 2009. I got served legal papers today (July16th 2012)?

On Friday, September 4th 2009 I got into a car accident. I was driving northbound. I do not know if the driver in front of me hit the car in front of them first or if I hit the middle car causing it to hit the front. It all happened so fast. There was a little damage to the rear bumper of the first car, the middle car received a lot of damage and my car had a lot of front damage. Everyone was fine, I had some bruises from the steering wheel and that was all. No police were called, no ambulance came etc. Tow trucks towed my car and the middle car to the collision reporting centre. The front car drove there without a tow because the damage was minimal.We are at the centre for a few hours processing and filling out forms. I do not get charged with anything. When the front driver is leaving he comes up to me all smiling and giddy. Shakes my hand (and my husband is here by this point) and shakes his hand too. Thanks us and tells us to have a nice weekend. I think that this is strange but don'-t think much of it. He says something to the driver of the middle car too, but I don'-t know what.I have full insurance coverage so my vehicle is fixed and I never hear anything about it again (my insurance goes up at renewal time, no surprise there) Then today(07/16/12) out of the blue I get papers that the front car is suing me and the middle car for a million dollars because of a hurt shoulder..............-I live in OntarioSo my question is: does anyone know what to do? Has this ever happened to you before? what was the outcome? I thought there was a 2 year statute of limitations for auto accident claims?This guy is out to make a buck I am sure of it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks


I would call this guy's bluff. Because a million dollars sounds like he is trying to make a quick buck. I would counter sue for court costs, and attorney fees if I was you. Unless he was in the hospital for at least a month and required multiple surgeries and extensive medical care, I highly doubt he has any substantial evidence to prove he has a million dollar lawsuit. If his suit is found to be baseless, your insurance company may pursue insurance fraud charges against him.


I am not sure what the laws are there, but I think in the US (at least in my state) the guy in the car in front may be able to sue if the the guy in the rear car is at fault. So, the car in front is 1, the middle is 2, and the last is 3. 1 blames 2, 2 blames 3. If you did everything that you were supposed to, I wouldn't worry, since your insurance company was notified and i am sure they had you follow all the proper procedures. This may be a scam -- just because someone is suing you for a million dollars doesn't mean that you will have to pay a million dollars, they are hoping for an out of court settlement by scaring you. Your insurance company should have all the documentation -- be sure to contact them. If the front car was drive-able I would think that would be good sign the people were not injured.Source(s):just life



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