I faxed police auto accident report to the AIG insur.of the other party, they said it's not on their reord? NY

I faxed police auto accident report to the AIG insur.of the other party, they said it's not on their reord? NY

(in New York State). The other vehicle backed to my car while I was parked, and caused body damage. I filed accident report to the police and faxed the report to AIG Inurance. The adjuster said they don'-t have the insurer'-s info. I back to police dept. and they searched again, the DMV record showed same result: the license plate, type of vehicle, insurance code and the owner'-s name. The record is correct and undated.What should I do next, I need to get paid to fix the damage.(over $1000). I don'-t have collision coverage to my car.Any advises and comments? Thank you so much!


check with your insurance company to see if you have Uninsured motorist property damage coverage on your policy. This protects you if the person at fault cannot be found. If not, police reports usually have addresses of the parties involved. See if you can contact the other party directly. Also, I would ctc the DMV to see if they can help you with tracking the at-fault party.


It is very likely all the insurance info the police gave you is correct, but the alleged AIG insured was cancelled for non-payment or some other reason. As suggested, call the other party and find out if they have insurance. By any chance is the "owner"a finance company like GMAC? If that is the case you need the driver's name or the name of the person who has care, custody, control of the vehicle.One quick way to get the other party to respond would be to file a small claims action. I am a bit surprised that AIG is not taking the report and making an effort to contact their alleged insured. They should, we do where I work.Source(s):Claims - 21 years.


Call the other driver and confirm their policy number. Then call back to AIG and make sure the claim is set up under the correct policy.ORIf you have collision coverage, call your company and file the claim with them. They would repair your vehicle. You would be responsible to pay your deductible. Your company would then attempt to collect the money back from the at fault driver and their company thru subrogation. If they collect the monies back, your deductible would be reimbursed to you.Hope this helpsSource(s):Claims adjuster 6 yrs



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