I am being cheated or really get the prize by yahoo promotional Lottery (detail in Below)?

I am being cheated or really get the prize by yahoo promotional Lottery (detail in Below)?

NewsTravelFinanceEntertainmentYahoo!My Yahoo!MailTutorialsMore Welcome, abbasi_shafiqurre...Sign OutHelp Make Y! your home pageYahoo! SearchSearch:Male Female© TATA AIG Insurance collects the information you may provide in this ad and is solely responsible for the use of it. Please read the TATA AIG Insurance Privacy Policy for more information. Yahoo! does not collect or use this information.Privacy PolicyMail| Addresses | Calendar | Notepad Yahoo! on Mobile - Mail Upgrades - Options Check MailCompose Search Mail: Search MailSearch the WebYahoo! Small Businessnews &- resourcesFolders[Add - Edit]Inbox (1) Draft Sent Bulk[Empty] Trash[Empty]Search ShortcutsMy Photos My AttachmentsHybrid or ethanol?Learn moreLatest Productsat Best PricesYahoo! AutosFind Your Next CarWatch VideosOn Yahoo! MusicYou can receive a SMS text alert when this person sends you Mail.Please register for mail alerts to activate this service.Previous | Next | Back to Messages Call or Instant MessageDeleteReplyForwardSpamMove...Printable View This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 16:39:19 -0400From: "-UK E-Online lottery®"- <-winners@uklotto.co.uk>- Add to Address Book Add Mobile AlertTo:Subject: CONGRATULATIONS.......YOU ARE A WINNERThe National LotteryThe Marina Offices, St Peters Yacht Basin,Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1HXEngland.(Customer Services)Ref: UKON/5464K2/71Batch: 012/06/DR432Ticket Number: : 8390281Serial Number: 3422/06Lucky Numbers: 3-11-13-18-26-31You Have Won: ?480,152(Four hundred and eigthy thousand, one hundredand fifty two pounds sterling)Dear Sir/Madam,We are delighted to inform you of your prize release on the 12thJune,2007 from the British International Lottery programme.This isfullybased on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mailaddresses , your email was attached to ticket number 56475600545 188,serial number 5368/02.HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE,Simply contact our fiduciary agent,United Kingdom Lottery FiduciaryMrs Claire DaltonEmail: claimsdept98@yahoo.co.uk1.Name:2.Address:3.Marital Status:4.Occupation:5.Age:6.Sex:7.Nationality:8.Country Of Residence:9.Telephone Number (Country Code)-(Area Code)- Phone Number):10:Cell Number:(Country Code) - (Cell Phone Number):Fill in the details below to your claims agent for verification.For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this informationconfidential from the public until your claim is processed and yourprize released to you.Congratulations, once more from the entire Management and Staff of UKNATIONAL LOTTERY. Cooperation to all our lucky winners. Thank you forbeing part of this promotional lottery program.Yours Sincerely,Richard K. LloydOnline coordinator forUK NATIONAL ONLINE LOTTERYSweepstakes International Program.BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY ON THE PART OF THE WINNERS WILL RESULT TODISQUALIFICATION.THANKS:MANAGEMENT, UK NATIONAL LOTTERY INCDeleteReplyForwardSpamMove...Previous | Next | Back to Messages Save Message Text | Full HeadersCheck MailCompose Search Mail: Search MailSearch the WebMove Options[New Folder]InboxForward OptionsAs Inline TextAs AttachmentReply OptionsReply To SenderReply To EveryoneAddress Book ShortcutsAdd ContactAdd CategoryView ContactsView ListsQuickBuilderImport ContactsSynchronizeAddresses OptionsAddresses HelpCalendar ShortcutsAdd EventAdd TaskAdd BirthdayDayWeekMonthYearEvent ListRemindersTasksSharingSynchronizeCalendar OptionsCalendar HelpNotepad ShortcutsAdd NoteAdd FolderView NotesNotepad OptionsNotepad HelpAdvanced SearchAdvanced SearchCopyright © 1994-2007 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Copyright/IP Policy - GuidelinesNOTICE: We collect personal information on this site.To learn more about how we use your information, see our Privacy Policy


Someone is trying to scam you. Better hit the spam button on that mail.




This is a joke right? Everyone and his dog knows by now that you don't get anything for nothing, and that all these emails are SCAMS!





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