I am 21 and want to insure a OLD Honda?

I am 21 and want to insure a OLD Honda?

I was just wondering in what ball park would the cost be to insure a 10-15 year old honda civic or accord? 4 door of course for lower insurance costs. I live in Canada by the way. I was thinking around $150 a month but im not too sure. This will be my first vehicle


Auto insurance in Canada is regulated by the individual provinces. Some provinces require people to purchase insurance from a government agency and some allow private insurance provided it meets certain requirements. The province and sometimes private insurer has its own fee structures. Without more details... we are talking absolute ball parks.Most places charge a base rate based on what city you are in, whether the vehicle is ensured for work and pleasure and how far away work is. The actual value of the vehicle is usually of minor concern -- a $40,000 vehicle is peanuts vs. running over three children at a cross walk. Older vehicles also tend to be less safe. About the only difference the vehicle makes is if it is a sports car or motorcycle, which have higher base rates because they get in more accidents and more serious accidents.Most insurance companies then discount the base rate based on the number of years of safe driver you have and increase it if you have points on your license or certain convictions. Some offer discounts if you have completed a qualified driving course. Most then have add-ons, like enhanced liability to $4M (needed for for the US), replacement, business coverage, etc. Some might also get a slight discount if you pay for the entire year up front.Areas of Toronto have the highest base rates -- often hitting $4500 a year -- although it has private insurance and you can shop around. Small towns are considerably less. BC runs around $3300 a year. Parts of Alberta have it down to under $2500. $150 is not likely reasonable. $200 to $400 depending on your province and city.However, the easy way is to just call an insurance broker in your city and ask. They'll also give you options to safe small amounts -- increasing the deductible, not insuring it for work, etc. You can get online quotes for provinces which allow private insurance.Source(s):http://www.kanetix.ca/auto-insurance


There is no quick answer. The best way to find out is to get a free price quote from the insurance companies and I would not recommend State Farm insurance because of what they did to homeowners in the gulf coast who lost their homes.It all depends on things like: Prior accidents, how long you had your drivers license, where you live, what kind of car is it and it's value, even your gpa.


It will be cheap depending on your record. Probaly looking around 80-100.just get liability, and it might even be lessSource(s):Lkh


If you get liability only, it should be less than $150 a month.



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