How will insurance fraud affect my future policies?

How will insurance fraud affect my future policies?

Here'-s the short story: I have a "-Valuable Personal Property"- policy with USAA. On that policy is a fur coat appraised for $8000.00 (an inherited item). Item was lost a month ago, after attempting to find item to no avail I made a claim with insurance. I was informed a week later that an investigator would be sent to speak to us about the loss. One week later (two weeks from making the claim) we were lucky to find the item. The very next morning we contacted the investigator to inform him we found the item- he still came to our house to speak with us later that day (as scheduled.)During his nearly four hour visit, we showed him the coat, he questioned us about how the coat was lost, and surprisingly admitted that the coat was much more valuable than insured ($17K). Then, however, we were accused of "-never losing the coat to begin with"- and "-filing a fraudulent claim."- We have vehemently denied this ever since.Now, a month later, I was informed by the insurance that the claim would be sent to their legal department because the investigator who visited our house is claiming that we admitting to filing a fraudulent claim - this is of course not true. From there the claim will either be closed, since the item was found, or denied for "-misrepresentation."-I have several policies with USAA and I am concerned that this will not only affect my Valuable Personal Property policy, but my renter'-s, auto, and life. Moreover, I am concerned that if they drop me, I may have a hard -- if not impossible -- time finding replacement policies with other companies. Can anyone offer advice? Does anyone know how this might affect my future?


This stuff happens all the time. I've seen LOTS of claims filed for scheduled items that were lost, and later recovered.I'm a bit surprised that the adjuster took that attitude and accused you of filing a fraudulent claim. USAA usually does better than that.You can request that the claim be closed as you found the item . . . and you REALLY need to CALL USAA, speak with a claims manager, and describe your experience with this adjuster. Once you told them that the coat was found, he should have cancelled the appointment and closed the claim.USAA won't drop you - and won't raise your rates. But you owe your fellow humans out there the duty to report these unprofessional actions to the adjuster's supervisor, and get him out of the insurance business.


Yes, you need to contact the USAA office and request to speak to the claim manager where you can file a complaint about the way you have been treated! You filed a legitimate claim when you lost the item and notified them promptly when you found it. The claim should have been closed at that time since no payment or further action was necessary. The adjuster has wrongly accused you of attempting to perpetrate a fraud without any evidence or reason. USAA has a good reputation in processing claims so something went wrong here. Good LuckSource(s):Claims manager.



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