Hi Ladies and Gents,im 24 yrs old and turn 25 in august and my dream is to get a car to help my mum and dadsadly im not the best with technology or bargain hunting im a little bit naive if im honest.Anyway i thought as this will be my first car my insurance would be quite high and i thought ?1500 a year would be decent enough paying monthly. so i tried some insurance sites but best i could see was around ?2700 and i thought wow thats shocking!i need help from you guys if you can spare a moment please thanks, i dont need anything fancy just an A to B car to help mum and dad with life and me get to work ofcourse.I decided to start my lessons and drive an automatic car starting end of this month at payday! so ive listed some details below that i think you can help me to get a cheaper deal, thank you guys very much for being kind.ok... my car will be a cheap one maybe ?1000 2nd hand automatic civic,corsa or something pref 3 door 1.4L is fine also i seen some on auto trader.annual miles 10kSD&-P<-<-im sure thats rite social and work?fully compi may hang off till i turn 25 if my insurance will go down and also i thought a little about going on someone elses insurance (my aunt has a mobility car for my mum) or adding someone to mine? not sure?also my sister and her BF have a car but im a little scared to ask them haha!so can anyone please help me get a cheap quote thanks a million,!


Go to a smaller engine than 1.4, go for a maximum of 1.2.Make the car between 5 and 10 years old.Select a higher excess if you can - remember this is the amount you pay before the insurer pays if you have a claim that is your fault so in the event of that be sure you can afford it.Do not scrimp on everything. DO select to have legal cover.If you want breakdown cover then have it with the insurance - not as good as AA and RAC usually but cheaper and better than none.If you think you can manage do not select to get a free coutesy car if yours is involved in a claim.You have not submitted sufficient info for anyone to get a quote (job, postcode, and much more needed)Social Domestic and Pleasure does include travel to work but only to one single place of employment in any one day.You have to get the quotes yourself and most websites will not require you to give a reg but you will be asked for car details.?1500 is not going to be possible if you live in a high car crime area but going for a smaller engined, not sporty not too new and not too old car will help


I would advise you to take a look at this website, which gives you a list of cars, depending on which insurance group you choose. The lower the number, the lower your insurance will be.…Here's a couple of things you can also do that should help to lower your premium.1. With their permission of course, add your parents as named drivers to the policy (as long as they are also drivers).2. If you have the funds, pay your insurance annually. Many insurers will slap on tons of interest for the privilege of you being able to pay monthly.I definitely think you can achieve ?1500, but only with a low insurance group car, and if you pay your policy annually. Take me for example. This year I will be twenty, with three years no claims, and will be able to insure a brand new 2.4 litre Volvo, (which costs ?29000) fully comp, on my own insurance, with my parents as named drivers, for only ?1500. But, even without my parents, I would only pay ?2000. You just have to be smart about what car you get when you first start out, so you can get the cheapest possible insurance for your situation and age.Source(s):Driver.


I presume you are in the UK.Don't take lessons/test in auto, the cars cost more to run and if you later want manual transmission, you will have to take further lessons and test. Stick with a Ford or Vauxhall, parts both new and used are far cheaper and easier to source. Try websites like 'money supermarket' & 'confused .com' to get quotes. Good luck.


go on confusied.comit always gives you good deals.Source(s)


Pay cash for the car, get liability insurance ONLY.


It won't go down as much as you think when you turn 25 - you have not built up any no claims bonus.Second point - don't bother with automatic - if you ever change your mind you will need to resit the test again - learn in a manual car.SDP = Social, Domestic & Pleasure - not all policies cover travel to work in them - you need to make sure that it covers you for Social, Domestic, Pleasure and commute to and from a place of work.Don't even bother trying to get insurance until you have passed your test - you will be hit with high premiums.Even when you pass your test - DON'T spend a lot of money on your first car - spend as little as possible on a car that you do not really care about - then, when you get the odd dent or scrape on it, which most people do - you won't care and you won't want to claim on your policy.Best tips I can give and another one for info - go onto and do the search on there.FINALLY - DO NOT be tempted by some answers on here to get your mum or dad to insure the car with you as a named driver - it doesn't work that way - if the insurer has any suspicion that you are driving it more than your mum or dad - you will invalidate the insurance - they have got wise to this and so have the policeanswer assuming UK resident


Insurance cost depends on a LOT of factors, it depends on where you live, how much coverage you are going to want, who else is in the household, and the credit score of the ownerWhy not ring that phone number you saw on that billboard or on the telly??


Head over to… input your data and see what they charge for each car. It's easy to do, cheers


HelloI had that same problem when I was looking for car insurance. It can be very difficult finding the cheapest and best insurance company to go with.However I did recently get multiple cheap insurance quotes from this website that allowed me to pick my insurance carrier.You may want to check them out and get your free quote. The site is called eInsuranceHope this helps.Good LuckSource(s):


you will find help here… the form will bring back results from some of the top American Insurers, they'll be fighting for your business so chances are they'll be very cheap, hope it helps you, good luck.


see this… it's one form to get a number of quotes from different insurers. It's free and a big time saver, these are all the main American insurers competing to get your business so you are bound to find something that suits you, if it works out remember my points please :)



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