How to get around paying the over priced rate of car insurance for teenage drivers ?

How to get around paying the over priced rate of car insurance for teenage drivers ?

Does anyone know of a reasonable insurance company for auto insurance ? We just added our teenage driver to our policy and it went up $400. She doesn'-t even have a car. I have a 2007 Dodge Charger and my husband has a 2004 Chevy Avalanche.


Have your kid pay for her own insurance. I had to.


If she don't own a vehicle then you can get non owners ins, it is for people who may need to drive someone elses vehicle. This may not apply in your state so call the ins co for the quote. Good Luck and God BlessSource(s):Lemon Protection


Due to the vehicles you own and the age of the teenager you got off lucky. IF it only went up $400 for the year feel really good. The other suggestion is that the young one have their own vehicle and carry their own insurance. That would mean they would have to get a job and be responsible....what a pleasant change that would be eh?Source(s):Dad of 6 drivers


Those two cars need high insurance payments. Buy her a crap car for her first car, like a subcompact to get the insurance payments down. When I was a teen, insurance payments between my dad's Chevy Silverado and my small Ford Escort was about a $200 difference.


Even if you drop her they will still have a premium upgrade for another driver in your household.... if your teen gets good grades and no tickets you may enjoy enough of a savings to go to Pizza Hut and have dinner.....


Teenagers get into more accidents and have more violations than people in other age groups. So their insurance will naturally be high. There are ways to cut down the costs some:* Get a policy with a good student discount, if she meets the criteria.* Get a policy with discounts for safety features: airbags, etc.* Shop around with lots of companies.Also, I don't know if insurances companies offer discounts for teenagers who drive with "black boxes" in the car, but you can check. Article on black boxes in case you're not familiar with them:…


that's very reasonable, just go ahead and bite the bullet, the insurance companies deserve every penny they receive for teenage drivers...just wait and seeSource(s):retired agent


$400 is actually pretty cheap for a new driver.Look into good student discounts.


Consider yourself lucky it only increased by $400. When my son got his license my insurance tripled $400/yr to $1300/yr.



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