How to buy a car from Canada as a U.S citizen?

How to buy a car from Canada as a U.S citizen?

So I live in the pacific northwest of the usa, and found an awesome car in Vancouver B.C, which is really not that far from me. It is an individual person, not a dealership, selling their 1991 Volvo 240 sedan. I'-ve googled the scenario, and the process is very vague from what I'-ve read. I get the idea that I have to make sure everything complies with USA'-s emissions regulations, correct speedometer, and things like that. But how would I even find out if it does? Also, I know this is ridiculous, but I don'-t have a passport at the moment. So could the man selling the car meet me across the border and sell it to me? I'-m aware it all seems like a hassle, but I would really appreciate any help you have to offer, thanks!


It will be beyond hassle and expense.He can't meet you at the border as he can not sign title to the vehicle over to you. In BC, that must be done at an ICBC auto-plan broker. You can meet him there, he takes the plates off, you go inside, pay a fee, and ICBC will register the title will you. Presumably, you'd also have to make arrangements to pay him (in Canadian cash). He'd then presumably have to get a friend or taxi home.You'd then be stuck with a Canadian vehicle you own without insurance. You'd either have to arrange to have the vehicle transported (flat-bed truck) to the border, or (somehow) arrange to get temporary insurance for it. You can't buy normal insurance on the vehicle, since you don't have a BC license. You'd have to ask the auto-plan broker about temporary insurance for a non-resident, but any such temporary insurance will not apply outside of BC.After (somehow) getting it to the border, you'd then have to import the vehicle in to the United States. A long, complex, and costly process you'll need to deal with US customs with. It will involve EPA tariffs, duties, inspections by mechanics, etc. This will likely be a few thousand dollars. You can also pay a customs broker to do this for you. As part of this process, you'll have the registration transferred from BC to (presumably) Washington State. You'd then need to arrange for insurance on the vehicle.Source(s):……


Head to the NHTSA website when it comes to importing cars to the U.S. from anywhere. link looks to be a good read as well:…All that said? Figure out what amount of years the U.S. requires before it determines a car a "collector's car" (either 21 years or 25 years.) Collector's cars aren't required to meet the strict U.S. EPA standards, which means they'll be easier to import to the U.S. Still, when it comes to a '91 Volvo? You're probably in the clear. Still, you need to check with the NHTSA to make sure.



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