How to become an auto insurance agent in columbus, Ohio?

How to become an auto insurance agent in columbus, Ohio?

What are the steps and how long will it approximately take?


You can do it in a week, if you already know all the materials.You have to pass a test. That's it.


The very first step in the process is to identify what type of insurance sales representative you want to be. If you want to run an independent agency, you will need to obtain your licensing ahead of time. If you want to be more of a captive agent working for one of the large insurance companies, some of them will actually set you up with the classes and even pay for them for you.If you need to get the license on your own, I suggest looking into your state's department of insurance to find a qualified provider of licensing classes. After you finish the classes, there will be tests you need to take as well as fees to pay in order to get the license.After that, start selling.As a caution I will warn you that this is one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs around. Many people (50% at least) fail within the first three years on the job. If you have the will to stick with it, you can do very well and make some great connections in life. Keep your chin up and develop thick skin, you'll hear no a lot, no matter how good your pricing and products are.



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If you have a signed agreement with your insurer, then send them the title(certified mail - return receipt requested).

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Generally, there are two licenses required to sell insurance.First of all, the state certfies, by a written test, that you can be an agent. The insurance department also certifies the educational offerings, either approving them -or not. Accordingly, they'll have a list of available courses...