How much would insurance be on a 1993 mazda miata mx-5?

How much would insurance be on a 1993 mazda miata mx-5?

i am a 17 year old that has already had one speeding ticket if that helps.....but how much do you think the insurance might cost?


It's just a guess, but I'm going to say $1000 every six months.Any teenage boy is going to have a high rate. The speeding ticket doesn't help, but just the fact that you are 17 and a guy are going to push it up.Make sure you check Progressive and Geico. (Try going through your local AAA office - they can get you better deals on auto insurance sometimes.)


Liability=$140 a month.Full Coverage=$200 per month.This is an estimate.It is different from state to state.Plus, the MX-5 is Rear wheel drive and a 2 door car, so insurance is a bit high.



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