How much does insurance on a Catamaran cost?

How much does insurance on a Catamaran cost?

In USD$, what is the average price for insurance on a newer catamaran?


My advice is to contact the holder of your homeowners insurance and ask them for some approximate rates. If you don't own a home, then call your auto insurance agency and see if they carry boat insurance and find out from them "about" what they would charge.I own a 44' catamaran and I only pay $600 a year - but, my vessel is fully paid for, and I have had boat insurance with the same carrier for almost 50 years.If you finance your boat, the insurance will be considerably more then if your boat is paid for. Banks, finance companies, all require much more insurance then you otherwise would need.I insure myself and my boat for catastrophic damage only. So, for hurricanes, Marina disasters, the boat next to me blowing up and taking mine with it - I am covered completely. I also have very high liability coverage for damage and personal injury to other people and property... and very high deductables. Also, if I simply go out and my boat sinks on it's own, or I hit a floating cargo crate or shipping container (my neglect, etc.) I would shallow the entire loss. If you finance your boat, the loan company, of course, will not let you get by with this kind of coverage. They will cover themselves and the boat for dents, scratches, etc. and for any kind of damage and loss.Things that effect your insurance will be the kind of vessel you have (sail or power) and the type, number, and hp of engines. If it is a power boat, the more hp you have... the more you will pay. In addition, the total value (possibly even replacement cost) of your vessel will also be insured. Your location also has a factor to play on your premiums. If you trailer your boat, and the distance you trailer it, is a factor... Safety equipment plays a factor... Do you have an automatic halon system?Then of course... you, your auto driving record, your age, your boating experience is all a factor...So, bottom line... if you want anything near an accurate insurance rate, call your insurance agency.JohnSource(s):


Um.. you really don't have a CLUE about marine insurance do you? It's not like car insurance.. marine insurance is based as much on the OPERATOR as on the VESSLE and what kind of use the boat will get and EVERY BOAT RATE IS DIFFERENT so there is no one, simple answer to your question.. you have to go to a MARINE INSURANCE AGENT to get a quote.. you won't get it here on Answers because WE DON'T KNOW YOU.If it's a relatively NEW cat in, say the 33 foot range.. you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 PER YEAR for insurance.



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