How much does auto insurance cost and what is the penalty for driving without it?

How much does auto insurance cost and what is the penalty for driving without it?

Thinking of buying a car....what'-s the cheapest way to go about it, since all i'-d need it for is to go to store and back.


If you are buying an older, used car and paying cash, you will need liability only. That is insurance to cover only the other driver in the event of an accident. If you are buying a car you need to make payments on, you will also need comp and collision insurance which will also cover the car you are driving. The finance company requires this type of insurance if you are making payments. Your age, your zip, if your male or female, the make and model of the car and your driving record is all taken into account when determining how much your insurance is gonna be.


Three factors determine your insurance rates: the minimum coverage required in your state, the type of car, and your risk factor. As a general rule, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance. Your age and driving record are considered also.There are several on line insurance companies, you can type in your information and get a quote.Many states not only give you a costly ticket, but tow your car if you are not insured. That can get expensive.Source(s):17 years law enforcement


it is based on your age and the type of car you drive.what ever the cost is to YOU it will be MUCH less than if you get caught without any, hit anyone and have none etc etc


In AZ the penalty is deportation I believe as over 97% of the people found without insurance also do not have a valid registration, license and are in the country illegally! Our federal government keeping the roads safe for American citizens!


It varies from carrier to carrier and upon the type of vehicle also factors such as your age, credit score and past history of accidents/ traffic offenses are taken into account. Driving with no proof of insurance is a misdemeanor traffic offense that subjects you to a 150-200 dollar fine, and adds points to your license. As for the car find one for 2-3,000 in the paper that runs good and is in good working order mechanically.



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