How much does an auto insurance agent make per year?

How much does an auto insurance agent make per year?

I am thinking about getting a job at an auto insurance agency, and would like to know a salary range.


Average for someone who LASTS a year, is probably around $50,000 that first year - working 80 hour workweeks.95% can't earn $500 in six months.It's very hard work, with a very high washout rates.


There is no salary. Insurance agents make money on a commission only basis. You get paid only when you make a sale. This means that you will not get a regular paycheck and cannot count on earning a certain amount of money to pay bills. Many agents wash out in the first year because it is a very difficult job. You may want to think about whether this is the type of job you want to pursue. Personally I would not want a paycheck based on the number of sales I can make in a failing economy. Your regular bills will need to be paid by the due date whether you make a sale or not.


Most agents are paid on commission and not a salary. It depends on how much insurance you sell!Source(s):I'm an agent



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