How much are your car insurance(College Kids) (Iam 22)??

How much are your car insurance(College Kids) (Iam 22)??

Iam 22 now, I am under my fathers geico policy, I pay $278.00 a month, not even full coverage. My car is Nissan Maxima 00. I have never been in car accident since I got my license for 4 years now. I know Iam paying little too high cuz my sis who turn 18 is also on the policy now by law. For that price I should be getting full coverage !! But wondering how much are you guys paying for your insurance monthly etc? College kids related only please, dont tell me you pay dirt cheap cuz your 40 years old, thats obivious. Also what is the cheapest company I can switch to ? cuz Iam in college and have barely any money, all my money goes in the insurance and if Iam lucky I get to gas up a full tank maybe once a month lol.


wow lolim 19i drive a 97 audi a4 2.8L usedmy insurance is $2000 Canadian a year for basic+options(fire,theft,vandal...)($180/month)full coverage including collision my fault is $3000.....but thats stupid cuz im a good driverif i get just the basic insurance it's $101/monthcrazy ehand i have 15% discount cuz ive been driving for 3 years so i saved like $300up here in BC, Canada we only have one auto insurance company...ICBC


I am 22 and have a 01 Maxima with liability only and two extra occasional drivers.Check out online quotes and compare. Then make a decision.I pay $300.00 for 6 months with progressive.I carry 25-50k for bodily injury, 25k for property damage25k for uninsured motorist bodily injury and tow truck and road assistance with no limits.I can afford full coverage. I go to college myself.


Wow! I am 24 and have had my license for 6 years. In that time I have had one wreck and one ticket. My husband has had his license for 8 years and has had one wreck. We have a '06 Chevy Equinox and pay about $95/month for full coverage for the two of us. It depends on what your state requires. In some states we have lived in we paid substantially more due to their crazy demands. Try the company I have- Unitrin Direct. Good luck. It sounds like you are getting screwed.


I'm paying right at 200.00 every 3 months, I drive a 94 accord. I'm under my moms policy. I think, but i'm not sure, that it might be cheaper for you to have your own policy because I know they're adding extra with your father (and sister) being on there...i'd almost guarentee it. I have farm bureau, which I don't know if it's available in your area.Oh yeah, i'm 20 and that's only partial coverage.


Insurance costs vary widely by location. If you live in a high-cost area (like Southern California for example) then what you're paying sounds about right.I always lived on campus so I never needed a car.


Age: 21Insurance: Allstate ComphrensiveCar: 98 Sunfire,Wrecks: 1 when i was 17Discounts: on my parents plan (they also have home through the company), good student discount$70 a month


300000 i am 42


i pay 130 dollars a month im 20



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